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Schedule of Formation Sessions

Background Information

  • Exploring the Mystery of Faith and Light

Faith and Light North America Formation Series 2018-2019

(Prepared by Maria Cecília and Tim Buckley 

Members of The Friend Ship Faith and Light Communityin Denver, CO, USA)

Overall Planning

General Goals for North America Formation 2018-2019

•  To deepen in the spirituality of Faith and Light to better recognize invitations of God for transformation

•  To have a clearer understanding of what Faith and Light is, how it is structured and how it operates

•  To use tools that can help us grow in our ability to better serve in Faith and Light 

Components of each session:

•  Welcoming and Presentation of Participants

Getting to know each other a little more

•  Information 

What is it?  How do we do or live it in Faith and Light?  Why do we do this way?

•  Skill building

Practical application

•  Inspiration

A word that inspires us. A prayerful reflection.

•  Homework

To deepen a topic or to prepare for a new one.

Retreat in Colorado: Summer of 2019

• For those who have participated in most of the web-sessions.

The reason behind each session component

Welcome and presentation:

Recognizing each one by name and getting to know each other is important. In each session we will share a bit of our experience, through a question based on the journey we are having together.


The goal is not to just “learn something new”, although we will all learn something new with each other. Besides “learning” at the knowledge level, most importantly we will all “revisit” together many concepts we already know, reflecting, going deeper, sometimes analyzing situations, taking time so “savor” together the mystery of Faith and Light.

Skill building:

We will learn some practical and simple skills and tools that may help us to better serve Faith and Light.


We will be invited to deepen in our living the spirituality of Faith and Light in our daily life, through prayer and words that give life.  We hope that this exercise will allow all of us to be somehow transformed as we go through this process together.

Spiritual Retreat:

There are things we can only experience when we are physically together. We will have the important opportunity to meet face-to-face, to share and to pray together, in the light of what we explored and discovered together about the mystery of Faith and Light.


Since our time is very limited, homework will allow us to read materials, take time to reflect on ideas, or to do an exercise to help us to deepen and strengthen our roots and/or to prepare for new topics.


(More to be added as we move along.)

- Charter of Faith and Light

- Community and Growth by Jean Vanier

- Faith and Light Leader’s Handbook

- DVDs of North America retreat with Jean Vanier

  • PROGRAM (*)
  • Dates and Time

Saturdays at 3:00PM Mountain Time 

(Denver, CO)


October 13

The “secret” behind community

October 20

F&L – A community movement

November 10

Each member is important

January 26

Being with: a way of operating

February 9

Accompaniment: sharing bread with

March 9

Beginnings: Starting a new community

April 13

What are the signs? Recognizing a community

May 18

Ecumenism: “That they all be one.”

June 27-30  OR  

July 4-7

Summer Retreat – Spirituality of Faith and Light

(*)The program will be flexible, and topics might change as needed, as we go along.